Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Off of Medications after 12 Years!!!


When David started under chiropractic care he was just looking to get a wellness check up, little did he know that his lifestyle was about to change! David was taking medications daily, including medication for his cholesterol, and was struggling with arthritis. After being under chiropractic care at Dr. Kyle Peacock’s office, attending several workshops, and reading “The Great Cholesterol Myth”, David not only stopped experiencing pain, but was also able to get off of his cholesterol medication after taking it for over 12 years! David continues to make progress to lower his cholesterol numbers naturally and work towards health! We are very excited for David and that we are able to continue to help him towards his health goals!

20 Pounds down and Living the 5 Essentials of Health!!


20 Pounds down and Living the 5 Essentials of Health!!


We are beyond excited for Jodi and her journey towards health! We cannot wait to see where she goes from here!


“I first came to Peacock Chiropractic because I had severe daily headaches, body aches, and shoulder/back pain that was interfering with my daily life. I’ve had general pain my entire life, but pretty severe pain after a few accidents in recent years. I have medicated regularly for years with pain pills, muscle relaxers, and ibuprofen, and I’ve had several procedures and surgeries trying to relieve the pain.

When I first met Dr. Kyle, he told me, “everything you put in your mouth will either move your health forward or backward”. This alone, helped me understand nutrition, its effects on my health and ultimately allowed me to start taking responsibility for my health and diabetes. I was seeing physical therapists and other specialist to help with my shoulder/back pain, and didn’t even realize it was related to my nutrition and posture. Since I’ve been coming to Peacock Chiropractic, my headaches are completely gone, I’ve learned how to shop and eat better, and I’ve learned the importance of total wellness (nutrition, exercise, detoxification, mindset, & nerve supply) with Dr. Kyle and his staff’s expertise and guidance. Through Peacock Family Chiropractic, I’ve met other like-minded people and holistic practitioners in the community that have ultimately helped me learn and grow, and I am free of all pain pills and muscle relaxers today. While I still have kidney dysfunction as a result of my diabetes and long term insulin use, I have hope that I can be in the front seat of my health and wellness, as my insulin is regularly decreasing with my continued weight loss as a result of the lifestyle changes I’ve learned from Dr. Kyle Peacock and staff. (I’ve lost 20 pounds already!)

I am grateful to have a team of caring, knowledgeable and wise coaches, eager to teach me how to be happy AND healthy through 5 core essentials that have helped my body’s natural healing process and recuperative powers. I look forward to helping others learn as I continue on my journey to total wellness.”


A Salute to Chiropractic!

Terry spent over two decades in the military. Many of those years were spent jumping out of airplanes.  You can only imagine the toll that takes on the human body. Terry developed chronic pain down the left side of his neck. The pain was causing tingling that spread down his shoulder and arm. After receiving x-rays and reviewing them with Dr. Kyle, they figured out that Subluxation was the culprit! Now, since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Kyle Peacock, Terry says he is in great shape! He also said that he is “so very glad that he started down this path to a healthier self!” We are thankful for Terry’s story, his service, and his continued spinal care!

We are so excited for Tammy and her journey towards health!

“I had been living with pain in my left lower back, sciatic nerve issue with pain shooting down my left leg, pain in my right knee for about a year. I would take Aleve and sit with a heating pad on my back to try to ease the pain. Also would have headaches several times a month. Sometimes the pain would be debilitating. I had a bad experience with a chiropractor when I was younger and vowed never to return to one. Through a series of events I ended up at Peacock Family Chiropractic. I told the Doctor about my bad experience but he was very reassuring and the staff was top notch! Now 1 month into my program, I am pain free! I’ve had no back/nerve/knee issues since! AND no bad headaches!! I can even run with no problems at all! I highly recommend Dr. Kyle and his wonderful staff that make you feel like family each and every time you walk into the office. I never really thought about all the nerves that connect from your spinal column to the different parts of your body. If you are living with pain because you think there is nothing that can’t be done, make an appointment to talk with Dr. Kyle”.

From 15 years of pain to a healthy and pain free life!!

Before starting chiropractic care, Ken struggled with mid and low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain for 15 years! Everyday activities such as doing computer work, standing, carrying and sleeping were not without pain. Ken came into Dr. Kyle Peacock’s office with the intention  of relieving his back and neck pain, relieving stress, and meeting his health goals. After completing the therapeutic phase of his chiropractic care, Ken’s pain went from a 7/10 to a 1/10! Today, his pain is gone, and he continues to attend workshops to keep him moving towards his health goals! As Ken continues to get adjusted, he has : lost weight, more energy, less pain, is eating healthier,has more energy and better sleep!

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Shelby started chiropractic care at a Maximized Living facility in Nashville, TN. After moving to Indiana, she knew she had to continue her care at another Maximized Living Health Center because “[we] are more than just a back cracker.” After falling off the horse, Shelby dealt with back pain and neck pain for 5 years. After completing the therapeutic stage of her care, Shelby has better function in her spine, less pain ,and a boosted immune system. Today, Shelby continues to get adjusted for wellness care, and swears by chiropractic to get healthy and stay healthy for the rest of her life!

In Remission and Living the Healthy Life!!

Before starting care, Carol suffered from neck, shoulder, and back pain for over four decades! Everyday activities like walking, sitting, and standing were not without pain. Even though Carol started with the intent to get out of pain, she soon learned that her adjustments were necessary for so much more. Carol was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Dr. Kyle’s adjustments helped with aligning Carol’s spine and also helped her fight her cancer. In addition to adjustments, Dr Kyle: taught her about nutrition and shared healthy recipes, went to her home to adjust her after she had her cancer surgery, referred her to a wonderful Naturopath, and so much more. Today, Carol is still getting adjusted to help her body heal so she can add years to her life and life to her years!

Living Better at 90 and Enjoying the Retirement Life!!

Living Better at 90 and Enjoying the Retirement Life!!
Before care, John had arthritis in his neck and a sciatic pain in his right leg that was excruciating. He experienced the pain for a couple weeks before he came into our office. He tried some occasional therapy for the leg pain with minimal success. After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Kyle Peacock, John has become pain free! He has increased range of motion in his neck, and his sciatic pain has been gone for more than a year. John says that he is feeling better than he did when he was 87 and he is able to enjoy his retirement with his wife, Darlene. Darlene has also been under chiropractic care and she says that Dr. Kyle is very thorough and caring. John says that he has a great impression of Dr. Kyle Peacock and that Dr. Kyle keeps him mobile and feeling great overall!!

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