Community Education

August Health & Wellness Dinner

(6:45PM - 8:15PM)

Indianapolis, IN

The Event

Whether you are a patient, family, friend, met us in the community, or you won a ticket to join us for dinner, this evening will be one for your health!


Life gets busy, so sometimes we have to be extra intentional about making time for our health and for the people around us that are so important! If you are a patient, this dinner is designed to invite your friends & family to join you. Who’s been on your heart? You may have to be intentional to take off work a little early to arrive on time, arrange for a babysitter, or to pick up your friends and family on the way. It’ll be worth it to make time for your health or for your loved ones!


#1.) We have a patient who recently met with her MD and is OFF of her Metformin DIABETES medication because her A1C score dropped 2 points into a healthy score! Praise the Lord! It’s taken changes in her NUTRITION and taking care of her NERVOUS SYSTEM through chiropractic care, but it’s been well worth it for better quality of life both now and in her future! She met us out in the community and shortley thereafter, joined us for a dinner!

#2.) Another patient, after just one month of chiropractic care was finally able to SLEEP better, is taking far LESS IBUPROFEN, has decreased inflammation and join pain in her KNEES, has far more REGULAR bowel movements now, and has already LOST WEIGHT! She met us online and has since joined us for a dinner with her family and a friend!

#3.) We have a patient who was just sharing some of her progress today of reduced BACK PAIN, IMPROVED SLEEP, and feeling more rested! Even just a couple symptoms in life can either create distress, or create action that improves one’s quality of life! Props to her for taking action! She met us at a dinner!


Arrive early as we will start the evening off with salads and water. Then, while the chefs prepare your main entrée at Buca Di Beppo, Dr Kyle Peacock, our Maximized Living Doctor, will speak on making nutritional changes, minimizing toxins for your family, and explain your nervous system’s role in your health! In addition to learning tools for your health you can apply right away, you’ll also have priority in registering for our other upcoming health workshops and even have an opportunity to schedule a discounted exam and x-rays to check your spine and nervous system!

When you RSVP, we then pre-pay for your meals (leading up to and including if needed, the Friday before the dinner date)! So, mark your calendar & put a reminder in your phone! This is an evening out for fun & for your health! So, please enjoy this evening out & make arrangements for childcare for children between ages 1-10 to be with a grandparent, family member, or a babysitter just this one evening. Seating is limited. We look forward to having you!

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Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant

6045 East 86th Street

Indianapolis, IN

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